Day 1 9.30.11

So this I have finally switched my blog from WordPress to Blogger, the interface is much more user friendly and Blogger allows me much more blogger freedoms.

So today was day 2 on the NADH as a part of our protocol, and this morning when Marcus Jr got up all seemed well. But as I was making breakfast I hadn’t heard from him and went into his room to discover that he had had a seizure. So I instantly knew that he was staying home from school because there was obviously some detoxing that he needed to do.
Once I got him back home (we had to drop his sister off at school) made him some breakfast and then gave him a clay bath. He sat in the clay bath for about 30 minutes and came out as “right as rain.”
After that time he did well no more seizure episodes but I am gathering that I will have to give him more clay baths during this time of change.
Will follow up with more info and video of the kids because I need a visual, to see where my children have been and where they are going. Will also pull my resources from my old blog as well as I will be scanning and uploading what the protocol is that we are on.
Wishing you and your family wellness and recovery,
The Fuller’s

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