October 2, 2011

Hello all,

Today was pretty non eventful. Jai Lynn woke up with a mucus eye again. This time I didn’t charge my cell phone so it wouldn’t take a picture 😦 But she had mucus just the same. Marcus, Jr. must have had a seizure prior to us getting him up because his bed was wet and his lips where a bit discolored when I woke him up. When I woke him up I asked him how he was doing and he replied “I’m fine” which is huge because he did it unprompted. I then told dad what he said and dad asked him the same question and he replied the same. The rest of the morning he was running and playing with his younger brother.
We went to get bagels this morning for breakfast and Marcus was very playful. Today there was a bit more scripting than usual but just about all of it applied to whatever he was doing.
Today both kids had a clay bath with activated charcoal after. The other supplements done today was NADH, Omega 3-6-9, Vitamin d3, Keifer, Acetyl L.Carnitine, Zeolite by Jai Lynn and Acetyl L. Carnitine , Zeolite, NADH by Marcus.
There where no more seizures today just the one that he had prior to us getting him out of his room.
We had all the kids in our room prior to breakfast and Marcus was having a great time, he was learning how to play with certain toys with daddy (they were battling with toy monsters) and that was huge that he was even willing to learn and participate. Marcus was “wrestling” appropriately with his younger brother and dad asked him did he love his brother and he said “yes”.
Both kids did homework today, Jai Lynn took her spelling packet and completed two pages on her own. Marcus completed his spelling packet from last week and completed three pages of math from the Fast Kids Math book that I have. Jai Lynn needed minimal prompting only when Marcus was annoying her but she was able to complete her pages with classical music playing.
Marcus needed lots of prompting and focus help, he did a lot of tapping of his pencil, a lot of singing and looking around the room. It was difficult at times to refocus him but once refocused he worked on his math and spelling.
Today while Jai Lynn and daddy where in the family room my husband gave her a air kiss on her check and she replied, “you love me daddy.” She also seemed to be getting better with asking questions and starting a conversation. Jai Lynn also changed the dates and month on the large calendar in the dining room and added all the dates that where important for the month. She counted down the day until Halloween (thus ending the Halloween conversation because now she has a visual).
Both kids had a pretty good day and we are looking forward to the great things to come.
We wish you Blessings and Recovery,
The Fuller’s
*Please be sure to check out our YouTube channel at Ladycf1*

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