October 3, 2011

Hello all sorry for the delay. But the kids had a great day on Monday. I decided to keep Marcus, Jr at home again just to check for any seizure activity and he had none today. The supplements that we took on this day where:
Acetyl L Carnitne
Cod Liver Oil (Marcus, Jr)

Omega 369 (Jai Lynn)

Folic Acid(Marcus, Jr)

Vitamin D3 (Jai Lynn)
Now for those of you wondering why certain kids are taking certain supplements here’s why. For the Omega 369 it is in pill form and Jai Lynn can take pills and Marcus Jr is just learning so she can take the pills and Marcus Jr takes the actual oil. If you are wondering why I’m not doing the hemp seed oil per the protocol, because we still have Omega 369 pills and Cod Liver Oil left so once that is all used up we will begin to use the hemp seed oil. Now the Vitamin D3 is in pill form also (my liquid Vitamn D3 has mysteriously disappeared) so Jai Lynn takes 2000

iu’s per day. The folic acid is in pill form also but it is small so I get Marcus, Jr to take that just like his NADH pill.

Now back to business, while Marcus, Jr was home today I did quite a bit of work with him. We worked on his personal information (ie name, address, city, state) did some math pages, and some English and language arts. And when he was able to focus he did quite well. We did a lot of refocusing as he worked and verbal prompting to get him to attend to the work
That above is his spelling list.
On that day he also did some math and identifying the seasons. Overall a pretty good day academically. He also did very well with his behavior today.
Jai Lynn had a good day at school, she left her lunch bag at school (she hadn’t bought it home since last Wednesday) and I had been asking her to bring it home since she left it and she always seemed to forget. Today had her go back into the school to retrieve her jacket that she had left on Friday.
Both kids had a great evening and completed their homework that evening, Jai Lynn continued work on her spelling packet and her Time for Kids packet and Marcus, Jr resumed work on his spelling and math.
Bed time was uneventful and both kids went to sleep without incident.
An overall good day.
Wishing you Blessings and Recovery,
The Fuller’s

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