October 12, 2011

Today the kids took the supplements that we have left (-:

  • Zeolyte
  • Omega 369
  • Folic Acid
  • Cod Liver Oil
The morning went well both kids where compliant and happy. Today was the tutoring day and both kids did very well. The tutor came over and Marcus, Jr had his session first. He sat for the entire hour! Once his hour was up she noted that he had increased focus and did a great job on his work. He completed 10 pages of work (some of it is posted in our photo gallery). Jai Lynn did a great job with her work she completed her spelling packet, she did some reading comprehension sheets, she did some math work and some other English and language arts.
When the kids got home from school I let them wind down so that they could be ready for the tutor. While Marcus Jr was playing and singing, he incorporated some of the kids in his A.I. classroom names into one of his songs. I thought that was pretty amazing.
One thing I’m not seeing a lot of this year with Marcus Jr is he used to be sort of angry whenever I would pick him up from school just overall whiny. I get it sometimes but not every time, I get some happy thoughts sometimes too.
So that was Wednesday for us. Hope this gives you some hope to push forward with any treatment that you may be considering.
Wishing you Blessings and Recovery,
The Fuller’s

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