What is Mason Doing

I figured since I am doing a blog for my other two children (who are currently Autistic) that I need to do one for Mason Edward Fuller who is currently 7 months 3 weeks old. I figured I would do this so that I can keep track as I barely remember anything from my other two kids early childhood as it goes so quickly. This won’t be as updated as the other two (that I update on a daily basis) but updated just the same
  • He is scooting/crawling
  • he can eat some finger foods,
  • he grabs for items like your hair, earrings,
  • he is very verbal,
  • he can repeat sounds that you make with him as well as repeat hand rythms
  • he can drink out of a cup
  • he eats fruits and vegatables
  • he has 2 upper teeth coming in and 1 lower tooth coming in that is visible
  • he’s trying to stand on his own
  • he can pull himself to standing with assistance
  • he can semi feed himself with a spoon
  • he can feed himself with a bottle
  • he’s very playful
  • he’s very present and aware of everything that is going on around him
  • he loves seeing his dad, brother, sister and me(mom)
That’s all for now, as he learns new things I’ll post as I feel with him new things are coming.

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