Been So Long

So, I have been neglecting this blog (I have 3 others), because this is the only one not linked to my main creative blog (gotta fix that). But, I’m back now. So just a quick update the kids are fine now but we have had plenty of ups and downs in between. It’s been over six months since I last posted and life has been six months worth of crazy.

So let’s start with Marcus, Jr, the seizures came back, we’re working with his neuro feedback therapist and came up with diet. Now, those who read my blogs know I hate modifying diet, it’s time consuming and costly. But, it appears that what he was eating was really messing with him. He was having really bad gas, his stomach was always rumbling and gurgling and he was constantly aggitated. Once we snatched the gluten from his diet it was almost instant, better attitude, no or very little bad gas and a happy tummy. Now, that’s not all we did. We also added Aloe Vera juice and higher doses of probiotics, so far so happy. He is currently receiving neuro feedback once a week from Melissa Sklar of EEG Biofeedback of Ann Arbor, she is wonderful. She really understand the important role that diet plays in recovery. Do we still have challenging days? Yes. Do we still have a lot of ground to cover? Yes. But have we made progress? Hell yea.
Just this past Saturday, Marcus, Jr. came into our bedroom and asked to play with my cell phone (he likes Angry Birds), “phone please” he said so I gladly said “yes”, he then took the phone and said “thanks” and I almost fell out of the bed! Although the thanks was a bit scripted he used it in the proper context without cues. He’s been doing a lot more of that as of late, verbalizing without being told to and understanding what is said to him. That alone has made us as parents extremely happy.
Just this past Monday, his tutor even noted that he was extremely verbal and focused! Since we’ve changed the diet no seizures, little or no gas. More focused and a better overall disposition. Marcus, Jr. has come a long way in six months and we are so proud of him.
Now, Jai Lynn has made great strides also. She is really beginning to blossom into her own. She has been very verbal, she has really be “getting” social cues and really voicing her opinion (sometimes too much lol) and doing more age appropriate things. She is really catching up academically and learning more each day.
She is also giving us hope more hope to press on and recover our children.
My next few blog posts will be a bit more insightful and hopefully helpful to other parents.
Wishing you Blessings and Recovery,
The Fuller’s

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