May, May the end of May

This month has been filled with many ups and downs as all my months are.  We started out the month strong with less seizures, more speech, less meltdowns, we ended it with still a lot of up but it seems as if we are back on the seizure yo-yo.  We are not really doing any supplements we are doing:
aloe vera juice

That’s it, we have really toned down STILL waiting on this pediatrician to order this darn blood work. But she keeps putting it off saying she needs to read the book more (for those not knowing what I’m talking about check out the blog posting Updates) information on what tests Dr. Goldberg is talking about to make sure that the tests she runs don’t overlap what he does.  For those that know me know that I am a VERY detailed mom, I didn’t just give her the book I gave her:

  • The book 
  • DVD’s of video of Dr. Goldberg that I downloaded off the internet
  • The questionnaire from page 98-101 for each child
  • The lab workup list from page 102
  • medical records
So you see people I just didn’t hand her a book and tell her what to do.  Now in saying that I do totally understand her wanting to do everything right and us not having to re do any tests or taking tests that are unnecessary. But, my patience is running thin because now I hopefully have a protocol that could be life changing for us all but we can’t start it because the doctor is not doing her part (in my eyes) It’s been a month since I introduced this information to her and still we wait.  I don’t know if she understands what is riding on this, maybe she does and I’m just…..for lack of a better word impatient. I just want my kids to be better.
So now we are back to multiple seizures but we have still have the increased speech and a little more focus, depending. Jai Lynn has been doing very well, I want to work on her socialization and math skills this summer. Found out at her last IEP that her reading skills are at grade level so we will also be reinforcing her reading this summer with the added comprehension piece.  We will be working on her writing skills and science and social studies.

So, that is where we are. Hoping to give progress updates over the course of the summer, school here in MI will be out in 12 days and I am so ready for it to be over as getting up and packing lunches is really getting on my nerves.

Until next time,
Blessings and Recovery
The Fuller’s


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