"Houston we have a Problem"

So the school year is over and my kiddos are home with me. On the last day of school I said to my kids A.I. aide (Autiscally Impaired), “you all must be said that Jai is leaving being she was the only girl and since girls aren’t that prevalent on the spectrum who knows when you’ll get another one” The answer she gave me almost made me drop to my knees. She said, “oh we’re getting TWO little girls in next fall” I thought to myself WTH is going on??!!! When my daughter was diagnosed with  PDD- NOS back in 2003 hearing about a girl on the spectrum was rare to say the least. Jai has always been the only girl. Girls on the spectrum are like an anomolay.

If this doesn’t prove that something more is going on other than “autism” I don’t know what will do it for you. This is not text book autism that we’re messing with people this is something more sinister. If the medical profession would open their eyes and see maybe more children would be functioning versus being zombies. Maybe that’s what they want is a generation of zombies, kids hopped up on pharmaceutical, mind altering drugs. Maybe that’s what these organizations want, they claim they are all for finding a cure but there is a cure right in their face. Several bold doctors have already paved the way, why aren’t they mowing out the rest of the path? It makes one wonder, are they afraid of the money that they will lose out on if this is not truly autism (and trust me people for many of these kids it’s not)? What interests me is that many of these organizations only tout speech, occupational and physical therapy as your main line of defense.

Here’s my other issue how does a disorder go from affecting 1 and 10,000 to 1 and 88, damn that’s a problem. This is not genetic or developmental this is viral. I used to think, wow because my kids had it and other children in my family had it that it must be genetic in some way. Now I know how untrue that is.

Hearing what I have heard has truly disturbed me, I can’t be quiet or sit still. I can’t wait really now because I have a feeling that everyone is waiting to see what my children do. So the summer is not a time of rest for us. I will continue to update with progress and changes.

Until Next Time,
Blessings and Recovery
The Fuller’s


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