Hello and welcome to Beyond X and Y.

My name is Charmaine Fuller and I am the mom to three wonderful children and wife to one incredibly awesome husband.  Our two oldest children are both diagnosed with Autism, plus my oldest son currently has G6PD Deficiency and ADHD on top of his Autism diagnosis. So, that is the main reason is why my blog is called Beyond X and Y because I want to reach out to parents not just in the world of Autism but to parents in the special needs world in general.

The main purpose of my blog will be to provide a sneak peek into my life via daily happenings and also the many resources that I come across either via parent meetings, workshops or just through general reading.  I want parents of children of special needs to know that they are not alone in their journey and that they do have options in terms of their children’s health, wellness and education.

Just to give you some background on me, I’m just a mom, I don’t have a formal degree in anything, I don’t have any fancy certifications and I’m not an expert. No matter how much I learn I’ll never consider myself an expert because this world of special needs and different abilities is always changing.

Now, on to the reason why the blog is called Beyond X and Y, if you haven’t figured it out yet is because it will encompass all disabillies, genetic disorders and anything in between. As I find out about different things I’ll share, if there is interest I’ll share more. But mainly I will be sharing about Autism, ADHD, G6PD, Asthma, OCD, Immunological disorders and the like. I will also be sharing about, upcoming workshops, conferences and training and sharing information about advocating for your loved one and staying sane in this crazy world.

I hope you enjoy your time here and we learn from one another.

Until Next Time,



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