Questions and Answers


As this year closes, it closes with more questions than answers.  For me that’s OK because that is more reading I get to do, more information I get to learn and more I get to share with parents that I meet.

I think that we in the special needs community often separate ourselves from the rest of the world not because we have to but, because we feel as though we have to and that is something we need to stop doing.  We need to stop saying how people don’t understand us and our journey when we won’t explain it to them or even invite them into our world. We have to be that change, we have to be the driving force that gets people to understand whatever our loved one’s disability is.  We are the one’s that have to get people to understand that every person on the Spectrum is not like “Rain Man” and that every person with Down’s is not “Corky” from Life Goes On. We need to get people to see beyond the stereotype placed out for the viewing public.

So as I type that I think what have I done in my community to change those perceptions of not only myself but of others. Have I attempted to learn more about other disabilities or have I retreated into my own world?  You see those of us that have public forums be it PTO presidents, PAC presidents or just bloggers we have a responsibility to think outside of the box, to break barriers and to inform the general public.

Now, to be honest I haven’t done much outside of Autism and that worries me that I am sticking myself into a box. I am starting to break some barriers and I’m trying to think outside of the box. There is so much that I want to accomplish next year and I want to do it well. I want to truly be a servant for special needs families in my area.  There is such a need for communication, unity and education in my area, we are so divided.  I’m sure we have some of the same problems that are going on all over this great country in regards to special education and care.  But in my utopia I would love for us parents to truly get together and support one another no matter the differences. To truly know that by me helping you I am not only helping me but helping the future of our community.

So for 2013 I have some huge plans, because I would like to connect with other parents on a more personal level and for all of us to exchange ideas, information and support at a place other than our district PAC meetings.  I want for us to be able to assemble just to connect and support, not because we’re rallying about something.

There are so many changes coming I know I’m up for the challenge are you?

Love and Blessings,



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