What Do I Do?



In our world of special needs resources and treatments abound (especially in the world of Autism). The problem is choosing which resources to study and which treatments to use. Rarely in my world does just one treatment work because children on the spectrum (Autism, ADHD, OCD etc) are often suffering with several different things at once. You often can’t work on gut issues without working on the immune system, you often can’t just work on the immune system without first without making dietary changes.

So I say that to say this:

Never, ever, ever allow any source to tell you that ONE thing is going to work, that one thing will cure your child, especially if it is a pricey or questionable treatment.  The logo for autism is a puzzle piece for a reason. So below are some tips for parents new and old to the game.

  • Thoroughly research any and all treatments that your child will receive to see if it will be beneficial to your child
  • Remember that it is called a spectrum disorder for a reason, EVERYONE”S response to treatments will be different because of where they are on the spectrum.
  • Learn all you can about your loved ones different ability
  • Join a parent or support group
  • While your child is doing any treatment document, document, document. That is the only way that you will know for certain if a treatment or IEP item is working like intended
  • Take time out for yourself at least once per month, doing so will allow you to rejuvenate and be ready for battle
  • Have someone you can talk to, be it a friend, a pastor, rabbi or therapist. You need to have someone to bounce your thoughts, fears and struggles off of.
  • Be that someone to talk to for someone else, doing that will actually make you feel less alone and is therapeutic for you.
  • Know and understand that you are not alone in your battle there are others that share either the same or similar struggles as you.

Under my Autism Resources page you will see many of the resources that I have used or currently use.  Some are State of Michigan, Wayne County or Grosse Pointe specific others are world wide.

I hope that some of these resources can help you and that this blog will encourage dialogue.

Love and Blessings



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