Happy New Year

I am hopping that everyone had a very happy New Year and Christmas holiday.  I enjoyed having my entire family home and not having to get up in the morning, rustling everyone together and herding them out of the door, only have to rush and do the same process over again the next day.  It was very nice and laid back for two weeks, no homework, no lunches to pack no drama….well not much.

The kids where very excited to go back to school this past Monday and I was kinda excited to to get to my new schedule of things so that I can have a smooth running household.  Over the holiday I did I lot of re-organization, cleaning and schedule making.  I found that I spent more time and money either looking for something, repurchasing something or recreating something because I couldn’t find it. I wasted so much time in the morning because I didn’t have a system for the family. I have found that as a parent, especially as a parent of a special needs child we need to be organized and regimented as our children like to be.  That it makes our life doubly hard when we don’t have set goals and objectives, so to speak.

My life over the past few weeks have been quite easy, I have totally re-organized my kitchen, I have a cleaning schedule for my house so I’m cleaning throughout the week and not trying to cram it all in on the weekend and I am creating a work schedule for me.  For so long I resisted a schedule, leading myself to believe that “grown ups” don’t need one and “I always know where to find things” or  “I always know what is going on”. How wrong I was. I have found in this last week that so much more is getting done because I’m not consistently flying by the seat of my pants, waiting for the wind to blow me to my next task.  Living with purpose is resulting in my  having a calmer household, and a smoother running household.

There is so much going on in the world of Special Education in MI, so many of my meeting start back up this month so I will have updates as they come. Some of the updates you can look forward to:

  • Grosse Pointe PAC (Parents Advisory Committee)
  • Wayne County RESA
  • Wayne County ICC
  • PTO meetings
  • Plus life

So updates to come I just had to enjoy the holiday with my family. Hope you enjoyed yours.

Love and Blessings,



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