Kid Update

My kids have been doing fairly well as far as kids go. My oldest son has still been having seizures off and on, they have been short but even with the meds we still have them.  My daughter is doing well, she has been experiencing life changes, but it’s all a part of being a girl.  The baby has been talking up a storm, still having issues with his ears but we’re holding it off with regular chiropractic visits as well as supplements.

We normally follow a protocol but we have been off of it for a bit do to some financial constraints but we are able to follow some of it.  The protocol that we normally follow is from Maximizing Autistic Potential it’s a very simple protocol, but it requires a lot of supplements.  Now, although we are not taking all of the supplements recommended at the same time, we’re doing many of them.  This is not a protocol where you have to do everything in order for it to work, it doesn’t cost an obscene amount of money to execute and it’s really not that difficult to follow, just like anything else you do it must be consistent whatever parts of it you do.  You can find the entire protocol on their Facebook page, they answer all questions and give a lot of information on their page.

My daughter has been working very hard this week on math, and reading comprehension.  Addition is fine but subtraction throws her for a loop. My goal for her for the reminder of the school year is to complete many of her math goals so that she can move on. I would like for her to be at grade level in something prior to leaving middle school, so I am becoming more diligent in the work she does at home and more diligent with her school work. I realize that I am going to have to much more diligent with her academically and also get her into some more social events and activities.

My oldest son is doing great academically but he still has issues with attention, seizures and delaying immediate gratification. Now in saying that, he is doing a great job with trying to pay attention he is trying.  He is doing a great job with requesting what he wants, we could always use more but he is doing a great job.  We are working on consistency with reading, and some math concepts. We are working on things like getting him to sit at the table when eating dinner, not running everywhere or jumping on the furniture (lol).

The baby we are working on potty training, coloring without eating markers and cleaning up after himself. I have him working on his alphabet, numbers and fine motor skills.

I have all kids doing yoga and we will be soon starting with meditation and journaling. I am currently working on a chore list for all three kids as well as journals for all three kids.

So all in all we are doing well, are there things that could done more, yes but are my kids giving their all and doing their best? Yes.  I am so proud of them and we are going to continue on our path of repairing their health and increasing their academic abilities.

So what are you proud of your children doing this past week? What gains or strides have your child made this week? Everyday you should find something to be proud of. Our kids work so hard to please us and just live with some sense of accomplishment. If you spend all of your time thinking about what your child can’t do then you’ll NEVER be able to see what your child is doing and what they are capable of.

Love and Blessings




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