Things I’m learning

Today I went to a lovely meeting with a group of beautiful moms that also have a child or children that fit somewhere on the autism spectrum   It was great to hear of the stories of the other ladies to know that, I’m not alone and that I’m not doing all I’m doing for nothing.

Some things I learned today that I need to do EVERYTHING on the protocol.  That the bonuses that we are currently seeing will be doubled, tripled if I did everything on the protocol.  Also, I need to start doing video of the kids so that there can be a visual diary of what is going on and how they are progressing, because sometimes words just don’t cut it.

So I have created a YouTube channel where I will be housing all of our videos because I am not yet ready to pay Word Press $99.

Marcus, Jr has had a seizure today and one yesterday. I thought it had to do with the number of apples he ate, but tonight I noticed something that I noticed last night that he has them almost immediately following his castor oil wrap.  So tomorrow we’ll try again and see what happens.  He will also be receiving a clay bath and I’ll try to give him a Epsom Salt bath also as he enjoys both.

Today Marcus, Jr was very sweet today we worked on him using his language when asking for things.  You could like at him and tell that the wheels in his head where turning as he was trying to have conversation and make his request known.

So, today was a great day despite the seizure and tomorrow will be even better as I have to wrap our week up with a post and hopefully a YouTube video.

Love and Blessings



3 thoughts on “Things I’m learning

  1. Maxautism says:

    Unfortunately, we are all learning as we go. There are no manuals for healing a child with autism. On the brightside, if we learn from our common experiences our children will benefit. That was an interesting observation about the castor oil wraps and seizures. I suspect that the wraps are killing pathogens which are releasing toxins. So maybe you should limit the wraps to Friday and Saturday, leaving Sunday for recovery. I can only imagine how terrifying a seizure can be. Of course you know to stay on top of your detoxing. Your journey is difficult, but your children are moving forward. Don’t give up, they will continue to improve.

  2. Felicia says:

    I also, enjoy my time listening and interacting with moms who is goin through the same thing i am. It does feel good to.know that u are not alone as u face this journey. u have my number call me anytime. I b calling you as well. Together we will get through this.

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