Toxins Toxins Everywhere

So in the total quest to annihilate toxins from all sources we have changed a few things around our home. I figured since we are doing all of this hard work on the protocol that I might as well do what I could to eliminate toxins from as many avenues as I could.

So, I started making my own lotion, you would be surprised at what is in our lotions (even the good ones) the toxic load would make you want to go and wash it off. I started making my own lotion about a year ago truly but I didn’t stick with it because it was too hard aka I didn’t feel like it. But now that I am truly trying to clean us out I gave it another go and this stuff is better than the stuff in the store. I use a mixture of coconut oil and cold pressed castor oil. One part castor oil two – three parts coconut oil depending on how oily or creamy you want your mixture. I add a bit of essential oil to the mix and viola heaven in a container.

homemade lotion this one has less coconut oil

This one has more coconut oil, not sure if you can see the thicker consistency.

Next I decided to attack the body wash, and exchanged that with Goats Milk Soap from City Girls Soap here in Michigan, at some point I will probably try and make my own but for now a soap with seven simple ingredients that I can read, really floats my boat.

Soap box

I break my bars in half so that it will last longer


I also changed out my clothes washing detergent and fabric softener. If any of you have kids with breathing issues or if you have them yourself, scented  detergents and fabric softeners are not your friend.  Even the unscented variety can cause trouble when I find the article again I’ll post it here.  I traded my washing detergent in for Eco Nuts.  Now what are Eco Nuts you may ask, they are a berry that grows in the Himalayas that naturally produces soap.  How cool is that, the company that sells the product allows the berries to grow in the wild so no pesticides no growth hormones.  The berries don’t need pesticides because insects naturally don’t like them.

What the Eco Nuts look like along with the washing bag. Each nut lasts up to 10 washes

I traded my fabric softer in for Wool Dryer Balls.  The first set I purchased off of Amazon, $20 for three of them. Right after I purchased them another natural mom put a post on her Facebook page on how to make your own. I will be making my own next, because it is less expensive and I can add essential oils to the center for scented laundry!

My well used dryer ball. These are great because I don’t have to worry about the kids using too many.

I have also started making my own dressings. Have you read the back of your dressing bottles lately? For instance, most ranch dressings(probably the most popular flavor) have High Fructose Corn Syrup (I’ll talk about the evils of that and autism later), sugar, disodium guanylate (close relative to MSG). What did my dressing have in it? Hellman’s Olive Oil Mayonnaise 1 cup, sour cream 1/2 cup, salt, pepper, italian seasonings, onion powder and garlic powder, is it perfect, no but less additives and preservatives than the bottled stuff.

Many of our packaged foods have so many chemicals and additives that it’s original form is lost.  When grocery shopping I am now beginning to stick to the outside aisles for the majority of my food, as the inner aisles contain the majority of your pre-packaged, processed foods that have shelf lives for way too long.

homemade ranch dressing

I say all of that to say this. While we are healing our children and ourselves, try and remove as many of the external toxins as possible that can be gotten through food, health and beauty products and household cleaning products.

In the upcoming weeks I am going to begin making a lot of my own cleaners and health and beauty products.  I’m going to rid us of the toxins one product at a time.  Please feel free to ask me any questions. I don’t know everything but I can try and find an answer and pull a resource.

Many of these changes are often less expensive than going to the store and purchasing it off the shelf.  Here’s a rule of thumb, “if it has a commercial or a coupon, it’s  most likely toxic.” Even some of the products toted as “green” turn it over read the label, if you don’t understand what’s in it, Google it. But now and understand what you are putting on and in your body.

Please, Please, Please do not go out and throw all of your products and food out on a count of this one blog post.  This post was intended to educate and inform, do as you see fit for you and your family and do what you financially can at this time to lower your toxic load. Take your time as this is hard work. It’s hard to change a family that’s used to Dove, Tide, Downy and Hawaiian Punch with Pepperidge Farm Cookies.  Showing them that similar things can still be good or better is truly a show them type of deal.  So be patient, in the case of my family of five we have been on this journey for a little over two years and everyone is finally getting the hang of it and getting used to many of the changes.

If you have any tips, please share them with me as I am still learning too on this journey and would love the input.

Love & Blessings



Some of my favorite blogs for learning right now

Conveying Awareness

Her blog is filled with great information, she is also a Dr. Sears LEAN coach (will be blogging about those classes later) and is very helpful.

Natural Frugal and Raising 6 Kids

This ladies page is phenomenal, she has tips and recipes to make your life toxin free.

Raw Healthy You

Both her Facebook page and blog are full of information.  Hoping I can get her out to meet some parents to talk about healthy eating for not only us but our children.

Enjoy some of my favorites.


2 thoughts on “Toxins Toxins Everywhere

  1. Maxautism says:

    Your commitment is inspirational. Your family will surly benefit from all your hard work. Also how well do those econuts work.

    • Just as good if not better than regular detergent at a fraction of the cost a box for 365 loads is about 25 bucks. So if nothing else we’re saving money. Got mine off of Amazon I got a box of 100 loads for under 10 bucks. They sale trial boxes on Amazon 10 loads for 5.5, can’t beat that. Plus I’m a Prime Member so I don’t pay S&H no matter my order size.

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