Extra! Extra!

This time of year is tax time, it is often the favorite time of year for those of us with children on the spectrum to take that “extra” money and use it on treatments, supplements or hell just pay the bills that didn’t get paid because of treatments or supplements.

This year I haven’t the slightest clue as to what we will be doing with our tax return, nor do we know how much we will be receiving as I’m not doing them this year.  Relinquishing that bit of control for me is throwing me into a bit of a tail spin as I don’t know, I don’t know exactly when our accountant will be done, I don’t know what we will be getting , will it be just enough to pay back bills or will it be enough to pay those bills plus some?

Conceivably I would LOVE to be able to purchase a year’s worth of supplements, pay for my Divine Child drink for a year and look into getting EEG neurofeedback for both Marcus and Jai Lynn all 40 sessions. There are a few supplements that I would love to add back and add on, Neuro Protek, Juice Plus, Purple Plus, and a few others.  But, I don’t know if I will be able to.

If any of you are like us money management is not one of your strong suits.  We are truly trying this time to live below our means but it’s nearly impossible because everything we have we need. I have cut costs  to the bone.  I have made A LOT of bad business decisions over the past year and that is a piece of our angst, the other piece is the sheer cost of rent and car notes alone are enough to send the money we receive into overdrive.  Then you factor in clean water, lights and heat, food, insurance, credit card bills, internet, cell phone, gas for vehicles,  etc etc.  Most months for us are a game of “who gets paid”.  Sure we could cut off lights,  up insurance deductibles, cut done the cell phone package, change how we eat but guess what I’ve done all of that and we are still in the red big time.  If we could just get rid of the car notes and rent then life would be so much easier but unless we get a huge windfall I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

Although the supplements are a less expensive approach to Autism they are still costly especially when you are on an tight budget. So just to give you an idea of supplement cost I’m going to lay it out for you. I’m also going to give you costs of some of the other treatments that we have done yet are super expensive but they work fast. And here’s the kicker, you can do all of the super expensive treatments but, if you are not working on the underlying issues of immune system, digestive system, etc, then those expensive treatments will take longer, thus you’ll be spending more money.

So here goes, these are the items on the Dakhari’s Protocol, the ones in red are ones I’ve added.

  1. Niacinamide – $8
  2. NADH – 28.31
  3. Acetyl L Carnitine – $27
  4. Methyl B 12 – $6
  5. Coleus Forkholin – $10
  6. Phosphatidlyserine – $38
  7. Chelated Molybdenum – $7
  8. Castor Oil Wrap – 32oz $14 (not including purchasing a flannel wool wrap)
  9. Zeolite – $48
  10. Clay bath – $42
  11. Activated Charcoal – $7
  12. Divine child drink – $40
  13. Hemp seed oil – $9
  14. Enteric Coated pepermint oil – $8
  15. Serrapeptase – $28
  16. Coconut water kefir – $8 (grain purchase, not including price of purchasing coconuts)
  17. Milk kefir – $8 (Starter grain purchase, not including price of purchasing milk)
  18. Kombucha – $13 (Starter scoby, not including price of tea)
  19. Glutamine – $31
  20. Raw sauerkraut – $14
  21. MRM Attention Gels – $25
  22. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy – approx $3000 depending
  23. Aroma Therapy – approx $100 for diffuser plus the cost of the essential oils needed at approx $6-$10 per bottle
  24. Neurofeedback – $65 per session you need 40
  25. Epsom Salt bath – $5 for a bag of Epsom salt
  26. Vitamin D3 – $14
  27. Min Chex – $25
  28. Juice Plus – $28
  29. Neuro Protek – $40

And the total is…… approx. $594 that is without the Neurofeedback, Aroma Therapy and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.

Now, out of that list 22 of the items will either be purchased on a monthly basis or they will run out real close to monthly and that’s a lot of money if you are taking the supplements like stated on the protocol (which we are not). Also, we have multiple children taking the same supplements so a supplement that would last someone else 2 months will only last us maybe one.  So for me the concept of taking these items along with my children is out of the question for right now.   The Probiotics are things that you can make on your own and those have weekly costs associated with them(purchasing coconuts, extra milk and tea), because at this time I do not have the money to make big vats of any of them, plus I’m sure that the others have some sort of refrigerated shelf life.

This is not to mention for us that we eat a lot of organic foods, I don’t use traditional soaps, lotions and soon deodorants   I cook mainly from scratch, although cheaper more time consuming (for now).  I am trying to find less expensive ways of doing things and trying to cut costs at every turn.

Autism is not cheap, no way you cut it. If I cut out those expenses would we have more disposable to pay bills and knock down debt…yes but the quality of life it has afforded my children is priceless.   Now I am looking for a multi supplement that will help me defray the cost of purchasing  lots of mini supplements. Also, if for no other reason, doing this everyday is exhausting to say the least.

The largest part to any treatment is the easier it is the more likely I am to stick to it and this is time consuming, especially in the morning while getting ready to go anywhere be it school or church.  It is a great protocol and it works I just need to find a way to simplify it for us.

So, I’m back to running my Stampin’ Up! business and making it work.  Because we need the money not only for supplements but for other life stuff.

Now the answer to my previous desire to purchase a years worth of supplements, based on the calculations that I just performed, that is not going to happen and seeing what I spend and what I should be spending to get the full benefits of the protocol makes me hyperventilate just a bit.

In the next couple of weeks my protocol may be changing because financially I can’t keep this one up. It could be that we take some supplements every other day or just on weekends.   I’m not sure but I will be looking into some alternatives.

Until next time

Love and Blessings


*All my supplements I get off of Amazon, because I am a Prime member I get free 2 day shipping on many items. I only buy local when I have to.


One thought on “Extra! Extra!

  1. Glad to see Juice Plus+ is still a desire for the children. I saw Vitamin D3. Have you looked into fish oil supplementation? If so, message me, I can get Nordic Naturals at a 15% off MSRP when I refer clients to a site. If interested, you know how to find me. All the best to you over the next 6 weeks or until you’re back on Facebook! =) Be (stay) well.

    P.S. After speaking with my wellness community, I learned from them that a quality fish oil is really effective for children on the autism spectrum. I’d love to help you reduce these overall costs above.

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