Quick Update

So this is a quick update on how the kids are doing:

Marcus Jr had a doctors appointment today and when he got his blood pressure taken he sat still. NEVER NEVER EVER EVER has he done that. My husband said that he sat still while he cut his hair! He did a lot of his homework without me having to prompt him to move on.  Despite the seizure this morning he had a great day.

Jai Lynn did her homework without prompting, meaning I didn’t have to ask her if she had any and what she had.  She came to me and asked me to sign her assignment book and the assignment that she completed.  I asked her some Who, What When questions she nailed them. She nailed  who the main characters where and she got the supporting characters.

Mason knew the color blue when asked and he did a good job sharing at play group today and  waiting his turn.

Today was a great day for the kids

Love and Blessings



One thought on “Quick Update

  1. Maxautism says:

    Really good to hear that all your children are getting better.

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