So, let me start off with I wish my family was still on Juice Plus and I can’t wait to get us started again.  But, my entire household was sick, not normally runny nose, a sneeze here and there sick but for real, real headaches, coughing, sneezing, fevers, just overall ick. I couldn’t even lift my head off the pillow I was so sick. All my boys could do was whine and cry and Jai and my hubby where just not themselves.

Thankfully it’s over, I just have a small residual cough getting out the last of the mucus, the baby has a bit of a runny nose and everyone else just has a residual cough going on.

So during the past two weeks we really haven’t been following the protocol so we are spending this week getting back on track.  MAP has developed a new green drink so it seems as if everything is happening as it should.  The only thing we have to do is removed the fluoride which means I have to get new toothpaste and possibly new water. The toothpaste no problem but the water isn’t appealing to me, why because it means I have to make an extra stop and in my crazy busy life I don’t need an extra stop, so I will be seeing if they possibly deliver or if I can find another means to either remove the fluoride or purchase it that way from the water.

This week these are the supplements that we will be doing, they will be done every other day to make them last.

  • Acetyl L Caratine
  • Chelated Molybedum
  • Divine Child Drink
  • Keifer
  • Coconut Keifer
  • NADH
  • Zeolyte
  • Activated Charcoal
  • MRM Attention Gels
  • Min Chex

I think that’s it I’ll amend if it’s more.  We are going to also start the audio therapy this week for both as well as step up the homework.

Getting ready to get my schedules together because I need those to survive.

Just a few updates, there where no real regressions during the past two weeks, I don’t know if anyone made any gains because I was totally incoherent and everything they did got on my nerves because my head was hurting so bad.  I think that they held steady pretty well and will do great this upcoming week with our jumping back on the protocol.  Going to try to add the Juice Plus next month hopefully we won’t be adding on any more viruses.

I hope that everyone else has had an uneventful past few weeks (unless it’s good stuff) and thanks for hanging in there with me.



3 thoughts on “Updates

  1. RENEE says:

    I think the new germs come from the flu shots, and all other shots they give u to “combat” the new disease. My husband and I have been sick also, we do NOT do the flu shots, I think it is something not right with it. but the janitor looking doctor said we had a “sinus infection”… I had that last year when I couldn’t talk for 3 months. I don’t know what is going on now a days, keep up or double up on ur vitamin D and spray lysol, wipe everythingh down. I never get sick Char. It’s what they give our kids and what they give us. I am not a Crazy person who “thinks” they are killing us with medication, but I am not a sane person who believes everything they say. I am for the least amount of medication you can take. Use natural if possible. I absoultely love u char and ur time u put in on these issues

    • PammyMcB says:

      I agree with you, Renee. People look at me like I am a paranoid fool, but even my doctor is against the flu shot and all of the vaccines that they are forcing people to get. He said with the flu, though, it is retroactive not proactive, and it does nothing for the current flu. They are injecting you with last year’s flu. Dr. Sanjay Gupta said the same thing about the virus being retroactive. My doctor also said that they are injecting you with a live virus, not a dead one, and even if you don’t get sick, you are spreading the virus to other people. Think about the prevalence of the virus compared to when we were children. The flu virus only came around every 5-10 years. Now, it’s every year. There’s something not right about that.


      I nominated you for a Liebster award for your effort in raising awareness for autism. Check it out ~ http://pammymcb.wordpress.com/2013/03/14/liebster-award-nominee/

      • Pammy thank you so much, I agree with both of you ladies my youngest is not vaccination at all, my two older kids are vaccinated only to a certain point (the point where I became educated). We now finally have a doctor that agrees with us and is on the same page. Thank you ladies for the follow, stay tuned there’s always more to come in our world. 🙂

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