Kid Update 5-2-13

So a lot has been going on with the kids lets start with Marcus Jr first:

Last week Marcus, Jr. had 3 seizures on Thursday, 4 on Friday and one on Saturday, since the seizures here is what has been going on.  His tolerance has increased. What I mean by this is that when we re-directed him he doesn’t meltdown for 5-10 minutes crying, screaming and throwing  himself from wall to wall.  For the past few days when redirected, he whines for a bit, grabs your hand looks in your face (so you can see he does’t like it) and then moves on once you acknowledge him. This morning when I got downstairs Marcus decided he wanted to watch T.V. before putting on his clothes and when I asked him to turn off the T.V. he did, he whined a bit and then went to put his clothes on and once his clothes were on he went about playing around upstairs before breakfast as normal.  Last night, I didn’t have to stand over him to get it done, I went into the kitchen to cook and when I remembered that I had sat him down to do his homework he was done!  His teacher and the classroom aide, also have noticed this new trend in class, stating that he doesn’t need to be continuously prompted to do work and that he just does it. they have also noted that  when redirected he is not upset for long.  So that is a huge plus.


Jai Lynn this past week spent her first go round in detention.  On Friday she didn’t go to school because Marcus was sleeping after a seizure and I didn’t want to wake him.  So she stayed home and she is ALWAYS OK with staying  home from school unless they are either doing something fun at school or going on a field trip.  So she goes to school on Monday and discovers that on the Friday she so gladly missed they had something special.  In her anger of  missing that perceived treat she dropped the “F” bomb (and I don’t mean forgiveness  and punched a young man that was standing next to her.  So when her teacher contacted me on Tuesday about what happened she asked me what did I want to do because no one had sent her to the office or even reprimanded her, but they did talk to her about it being bad. So I asked what would they have done with a neurotypical child and she informed me sent them to the office.  So I said send her to the office so that she could see the process of what happens after you hit someone who hasn’t done anything to you. So, Jai Lynn was sent to the office and received detention on Wednesday after school.  She and I had a conversation that she was not a bad person but a good person that made a bad choice and that we all make bad choices at times, but we have to ask for forgiveness and forgive ourselves and keep it moving and she got that. She also got that detention was the consequence for hitting someone when they had done nothing to you, she got that you don’t cuss in school, how do I know because when she came home on Wednesday after detention she stated “I don’t ever want to go to detention again, it’s too much work, no more hitting” lol I almost fell outta my chair.  We are working on some other pieces with her such as, bathroom etiquette, not spazing out when someone isn’t doing something according to the rules, teaching her the fine balance of being concerned about her own space and what she is doing and not always feeling the need to report everything that everyone else is doing.

This summer with both kids we will be working on social pieces as well as some academics.  Unschooling over the summer will be intense yet it will be fun.

Mason, smh is a typical two year old. I take my hats off to parents that have a house full of neurotypical kids.  You know sometimes in our world of different abilities we seem to think that parent of neurotypical children have it SOOO much easier, when they don’t. They face the same challenges that we do just in different ways, they have the same cares and concerns for their children as we do and they love their children just as much.  We in the different abilities community must stop with the stereotype that neurotypical parents don’t care about their children as much, and don’t have to do as much work as we do.  We must stop thinking that our brand of parenting gives us a special right to judge.  The reason why many of us are feel isolated is because we think we’re different, and we are all different and quirky in some way but not so different that we can’t connect with another parent because we don’t think they’ll get us. We’re all parents! I’m not saying not to have a support group of like-minded parents that are in a similar situation as you but don’t totally exclude those that are not like you either.

Wishing you Health and Wellness





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