Just a quickie update from yesterday and some of today.


Jai Lynn

She is becoming more interactive. It’s like she’s more aware of her surroundings and it’s great to see some lights come on for her.  She is asking questions that make sense now she’s not asking questions that she already knows the answer to she is actually trying to start and build conversations.

Marcus Jr

After the seizures he is a different kid, more aware alert and just present. He had a great day at school today and had a great night at home tonight and last night.  He has off focus yesterday but today he was spot on and able to follow all directions without getting angry.



Got a lesson in handing over his cup when done with it and not pouring the drink all over the floor or sofa.  He was super hype today, but calmed right back down as soon as I sat next to him. So maybe he just needed mommy love. 🙂

I can’t describe right now how proud I am of my kids. They have all made some great strides and have much more room to grow.

Supplements this week:

Castor Oil wrap


Min Chex

Divine Child Drink

Hemp Seed Oil

Clay bath


Activated charcoal





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  1. Maxautism says:

    Great job, so glad to hear the progress.

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