It has come to my attention that our local Parent Advisory Committee (or PAC or Partnership for Different Learners or PDL) is in a bit of disarry.  Old Charmaine would have jumped in tried to save them her way, meaning great ideas but not so great delivery.

I’m not sure with all that I have going on that I really want to be bothered now (for lack of a better term) but I would love for the situation of the PAC in my local district to get better.  Am I really ready to stick it through and do it all myself? Because when you take on a project of that nature you have to be prepared at some point to do it all yourself.  I mean yes, there is parental involvement but things happen and people’s lives change. I’m not quite sure of what road blocks the current board has run into or what exactly is going on that makes them want to leave.

Part of it I know is that it is really only three women running the whole thing.  So because they really don’t have help the meetings are pretty much held (In my opinion) when it is convenient for them which is every other month.  I can’t blame them because I would do the same.  The other part is that because they have be doing it alone for so long that new help being offered is often confusing  (for lack of a better term)  They are really a great group of ladies.

I don’t think I’ll get involved as I once intended.  I will not be running for President, Vice President, Treasurer or Secretary.  Not right now.  I will though, help where I can and do what I can.  I will continue, to offer my support and services to whomever is in office. But, I don’t want a position of power, not really of interest to me at this time.  That’s not to say by our May meeting I’ll feel differently but for right now it’s a no.

I don’t need another position as I am a board member in several places in regards to Michigan Special Education so for now I’m good.

So many parents want their parent group to “give” them something. How about you give back? You don’t have to be a board member to call the President of your local PTO or PAC and ask do they need any extra help. Participate where you can. If your help is spurred then you have done your job of trying.

Until next time



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