What you Don’t Know……

When my hubby and I met he was in the military and so our two oldest children were cared for (during the first half of their lives  by military doctors.  What many don’t know about military doctors is that you don’t get to choose which doctor you want to see, the doctors are usually not very caring they seem to only be there out of a sense of obligation. What you don’t know is that a pediatrician is not a pediatrician .what do I mean by that. Your child could be seen by doctor that got their speciality in OB or urology not pediatrics which means they really don’t want to be there because fooling with kids wasn’t what they wanted but the duty station they got stuck with.

The military system of doctors at the time we were there were solely about quick fixes. You had a headache 800mg Motrin, your child had a fever Motrin, you looked sick or feel a bit under the weather, Motrin with an antibiotic chaser.  Nothing about the military medical profession stated “let’s find out what’s going on” there was no diagnosing involved it was more of a lets get you out of here so I can get you to the next patient and go home.

People wonder why I an African American woman would be against this universal health bill, because if our government can’t adequately take care of our troops and their families I don’t want any part of it. I will move off the grid before I allowed the government to view my every health move and dictate where it should go.

Just to give you an idea how ratchett (for those that don’t know ratchett is the ‘hood meaning  for the word  bad to the 10th power) the doctors and the medical system we experienced were.

At our last duty station in Maine our kids pediatrician was a Dr. Robert Luhn and boy oh boy, he did a great job at making sure I felt un-empowered.  Our oldest had double reoccurring ear infections and his solution antibiotics, when one didn’t work he mixed two, all the while giving him vaccinations on top of it.  When I went to him about Marcus’ development stating “something was off and that the teachers saw something” he stated and I quote “You are just being an over zealous mom because you daughter was diagnosed, there’s nothing wrong with him.” and end scene. Then he told me that the wheezing I heard wasn’t wheezing at all.  At that point I was mad as hell so, I began to research leaving the military doctors and chosing outside doctors for me and the kids, my husband had to be subjected to their treatment because when you’re in the military you are “their” property.  Anyways, we got out and I found a doctor on the outside that was a little more open and easy to talk to. I also took my son to get tested by the state of Maine. The new doctor found asthma and the state testing found delays.

Well those that know me know that I wrote a letter as only I can that  was full of shade (the ‘hood way of  saying that I was nasty but in an underhanded way) and facts.  They nicely filed it away in my kids medical files. I found out years after my hubby ‘broke out’ that they were harassing him at work about the number of times that I had to take our son to the doctor! Asking him to tell me to reduce the number of times that I went to the clinic!  I find that to be truly disturbing.

My hat goes off and my heart goes out to all of the families still serving “the man” your jobs nor journeys are easy.  It’s hell getting services when you move from state to state or country to country.  Receiving adequate care is almost a joke, because the government’s view on their health is a pop a pill.

So, the next time you see a service member or their family shake their hand, take your hat off, say thank you, because their sacrifice  is more than you could ever imagine in your normal civilian lives. No they don’t have it easier because the military pays for their moves or gives them a food stipend or housing.

Wishing you Love Health & Wellness


*PS if anyone of my readers is current US military could you tell me if the medical treatment has changed, I’m curious, also has diagnosing and treating autism or any other different ability become better”



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