ADHD Blues

Among all of the other fun things that my older son has to deal with ADHD is sometimes the most annoying of them all. Let me re-phrase IT IS THE MOST ANNOYING. I often laugh to keep from losing my mind.  Well we were doing well in the land of ADHD for quite some time (it was probably a week or so but in our world a week of great behavior feels like a lifetime as does a week of not so great behavior) but just this week his teacher had been telling me that she has been having quite a difficult time getting him to attend to his school work and focus on things in the classroom.  I have been having a hard time getting in to focus in the parking lot (something we used to be able to do well), at home during homework time and during other activities.  We had lessened the television time as well as given him some structured time even on the weekends so I was wondering what else I could do because this was getting on my nerves.

Today was Chiropractor day and  I was going to ask the chiropractor  what we could do for the ADHD as one of the chiropractors Dr. Smith does nutrition counseling so since we saw him today I figured now is as good of a time as any to ask him if he could help us.

Prior to going to the chiropractors office I knew something had to be done so I went and picked up MRM Attention Gels, we had tried Source Naturals Attentive Child but he ate them all like candy. So my tip to you if you have a child that likes to eat and will eat anything when hungry (for example I told Marcus, Jr he couldn’t have any more apples so he ate all of his supplement in one sitting because he couldn’t have apples) then Attentive Child may not be for you, especially if your child can’t distinguish between supplement and food or knows all of your hiding spots.  We decided to try something new that wouldn’t require me to hide the supplement and he wouldn’t see it as candy or a treat. The MRM Attention Gels are to be taken 1 softgel up to 3 times per day with a meal. I am going to have both Marcus, Jr (ADHD) and Jai Lynn (ADD) take that one. The chiropractor recommended a supplement to help calm his nervous system called Min-Chex and he will take that one alone.

I will chronicle his journeys to see how less “extra” he is and if Jai Lynn gains more attention to detail and focus.

But, so far so good, within his first few hours of taking the Min-Chex my husband asked me if I had given him anything because he seemed more calm.  So, we will try these things out as well as the meditation and yoga that we have him doing.  Thinking good thoughts and knowing we will see some positive changes.

This is going to be a great year for my kids.

Love and Blessings