Life Unexpected

So tonight my hubby and I where supposed to have some alone.time this weekend, but our sitter was unable to make it so plans changed.

When your life is like ours you learn how to roll with the waves of life. You don’t stay upset as long  you forgive because you’d rather be happy than right.

Earlier tonight I was upset that my night want going as planned but after I got some great sushi I begun to see clearly.

Nothing just happens. My plans didn’t go through for a reason. My kids are dealing with “Autism” for a reason. I may never know those reasons or they might reveal themselves.  But, I am greatful for the assignments that life is giving me right now.

As I lay on my sofa in my PJ’s watching Harlem Nights I am thankful for this moment.  God has blessed me in more ways than I can even imagine. 

So God bless you all. Remember in your ugliest moments God is there.

Wishing you Love and Blessings




Today I am tired. Is there an end game to this or will we be doing this for the rest of our lives? Will there be a point where I don’t have to have a mountain of supplements. Is life truly lived through clay baths, castor oil wraps, supplements? Is there going to be a point where this will be a bi weekly or monthly thing or will this be a continuous everyday struggle?

I know I have to put in the work to get results but how much work do I have to do? What’s my autism fight retirement age? When will I get to be a Jenny McCarthy where I can say, I’m done, I’ve done the work and my kids are better because of a protocol?

So many questions, I’m happy that this is a long week off because I need a break. So tonight I am not doing a castor oil wrap I’m pushing it a day back because I need a break.

Moms and Dads there is nothing wrong with needing a break and taking it. I used to feel guilty for feeling this way but we as parents of special needs children deal with a LOT. Please find regular time to yourself. Utilitize respite care if you don’t have family or friends that are able or willing to help you out.

You must schedule time out for yourself without your children, it will give you something to look forward too during your most stressful times.

Although, I’ve been in the “game” for a while and my kids are doing well. I too, still become overwhelmed at the process of making them better. I am looking forward to my time away.  I’m looking for their time away from the normal hustle and bustle.  Just like we need a vacay so do they.

So, friends be good to yourself, because without mini treats and time away you will lose your mind…literally.

Wishing you Love and Blessings


A Day Out!

Today was a day off for everyone and so I had to find something for the kids to do to keep them from driving hubby and I and each other nuts.  So last night I decided that today we would go bowling and then go out to lunch making it a full day of fun.  So we had breakfast, got dressed and headed out for the bowling alley that I had coupons for.

We got to the bowling alley and they had no open spots left, I had taken the kids in with me to hold the lanes and they both did a pretty good job when we had to leave.  Minimal whining and crying, and they quickly adjusted when we explained to them that we where going to another bowling alley that had the space.  We got to Harbor Lanes the kids where very excited. As soon as Marcus Jr got in he begun to take off his coat and shoes, I guess in his mind he was ensuring that we weren’t going to leave this bowling alley without him getting a chance to bowl.

Marcus Jr did so well bowling and listening and following directions.  He did a great job waiting his turn, he genuinely had a great time.  Jai Lynn not so well, she had a melt down the end of the first game because she didn’t win that first game (Mason won). So she begun crying and getting very disrespectful. Every time she gets upset or gets chastised she starts crying and saying she wants to die. Now I know she really doesn’t want to die but that’s the most dramatic thing that gets the biggest rise outta dad and I so she says it.  She spent the entire second game crying and spazzing out versus enjoying herself.  She was upset for the rest of the time at the bowling alley and when we got home she did a lot of stomping and crying so she was sent to her room while everyone else got comfortable and settled and I let her out when she calmed down so that she could eat. After that she was fine.  Mason  was great until the second frame of the second game he was exhausted and every movement made him whine he fell asleep on the way home.

Once everyone got settled and had lunch I ran Marcus, Jr a clay bath.  I noticed at bowling that his eyes were a little red and we have been putting a lot into him vitamin supplement wise so I know he need to be detoxed.  He spent at least 45 minutes in the clay bath and loved every minute of it.  It was good to see him happy and interactive.  Jai Lynn stayed in the clay bath for a little over an hour. Mason missed out on clay baths today because he was taking a nap.  But he will get one tomorrow.

Today everyone also took their dose of Zeolite and Activated Charcoal. I also purchased some goats milk soap and made my own lotion (cold pressed castor oil and coconut oil), I also purchased Eco Nuts to wash with and Wool Dryer Balls for the dryer, eliminating more toxins. Going to be looking into homemade cleaners, shampoos and some other things.  We are trying to heal not only our kids but ourselves from years of misuse.

Marcus, Jr also had morning meditation and had his energy cleansed with sage. Didn’t do the other two kids but will make it a point to do it tomorrow morning to give them a great start to their day. Tomorrow is also a yoga night so that will be another great way to help them deal with emotions and feelings learning to breathe and be thankful through it all.  Tomorrow we will also be starting in our homework binders so our week is moving along well.  So far Jai Lynn has obtained two stars on her chore chart and Mason one, still trying to make Marcus, Jr aware of his chart and to become interested in earning money and keeping his spaces clean.  Today we took all vitamin supplements on our vitamin chart and did the clay bath.  We have to get in some more coconut keifer as we are out.

So far so good on our journey doing this is allowing me to really look at deficits to really see where we need to work.  Please feel free to ask any questions if I don’t know the answer I will find someone who does.

Love and Blessings


Enjoy the pictures

Making my Kids Better Challenge

So I have resolved for the next 30 days I would give it all I can in the supplement area. Now, for me that means pill supplements as well as educational and life skill supplementation.  So we are closely following Dahakaris Protocol as it has garned much success for not only the family that created the protocol but for us as well.  Often times we as parents see gains and stop doing what we’re doing or we see regression and stop doing what we’re doing.  When in actually it means that we should persevere and  push forward.

What I have started is charts for everything we want to improve. I have a chore chart that I have finally purchased.  I was going to make one up but that wasn’t going well.  I created a vitamin supplement chart, and I have also created homework binders sectioned off and based off of the two older kids IEP’s and the baby’s based off of what things he should be doing at this level and the next.

This is the picture of Marcus Jr’s and Jai Lynn’s chore chart.  Two stars gets them .50, 4 stars, $1 and 6 stars $5, this will teach them some sort of responsibility and about counting money. I haven’t completed Mason’s chart yet as I think his will be money based also. Then I’m going to make it that if they get 10-15 stars I’m going to have a toy bin with a special toy and 20 or more stars will get a day out with daddy or mommy doing the activity of their choice.

20130119_231523 20130119_231532


This is the picture of the vitamin supplement chart. As many of you with children on any edge of the spectrum (ADHD, Autism, OCD, ADD the list goes on) knows that vitamin supplements are often our life line to sanity as well as seeing signs of gains and life in our children.  Well we have so many vitamin supplements that I would always forget something and then I would feel bad about it.  This way I can see what the kids need, my husband can see what they need and one day the kids will be able to either tell me or do it on their own. This will go on my fridge for now, will probably re-tool this and make it smaller but I truly needed something now. I am still creating check marks for this chart so that we can see what has been done.  This chart will be moved to the wall as little hands will most likely have a lot of fun moving my check marks.


This is a picture of the homework binder for Jai Lynn I am still working on Marcus, Jr’s and Mason’s.  This is just a preliminary as I’m sure I’ll be adjusting it in the upcoming months.  This is set up by each IEP goal that we’re working on and the corresponding sub category.




Lastly, tomorrow I will be working on a menu book with recipes so that it will make it easy for anyone who can turn on a stove to cook in my absence.

If you are wondering why everything is not on the same schedule or sheet, for my kids and me too much causes distraction then nothing gets done.  So, I have things organized throughout.

I am finding that schedules work well in our household when everyone knows what’s expected there is less frustration and things run smoother.  Feel free to borrow my ideas if you think that they will work for your family.

Love and Blessings


Kiddie Schedule

This week we are working on the following things.

Jai Lynn
One digit multiplication
Reading a passage and answering question
Greater than less than
Number placement

Marcus Jr
Writing sentences
Greater than less than

Counting to 10
Drawing lines following patterns

Each child will work from a chore list this week.

Supplements will be:
The divine child drink
Acyetl L Carntine
Chelated Molybdenum
Nacimide (spelling off sorry)
Aloe Vera Juice
Olive Leaf Oil Extract
Methyl B 12
Vitamin D3
Hemp Seed Oil

Will be also chronicling how the children will be progressing this week.

This week I will be attending a PTO meeting as well as the Michigan ICC Early On meeting so will be blogging on those.

Love & Blessings

Happy New Year

I am hopping that everyone had a very happy New Year and Christmas holiday.  I enjoyed having my entire family home and not having to get up in the morning, rustling everyone together and herding them out of the door, only have to rush and do the same process over again the next day.  It was very nice and laid back for two weeks, no homework, no lunches to pack no drama….well not much.

The kids where very excited to go back to school this past Monday and I was kinda excited to to get to my new schedule of things so that I can have a smooth running household.  Over the holiday I did I lot of re-organization, cleaning and schedule making.  I found that I spent more time and money either looking for something, repurchasing something or recreating something because I couldn’t find it. I wasted so much time in the morning because I didn’t have a system for the family. I have found that as a parent, especially as a parent of a special needs child we need to be organized and regimented as our children like to be.  That it makes our life doubly hard when we don’t have set goals and objectives, so to speak.

My life over the past few weeks have been quite easy, I have totally re-organized my kitchen, I have a cleaning schedule for my house so I’m cleaning throughout the week and not trying to cram it all in on the weekend and I am creating a work schedule for me.  For so long I resisted a schedule, leading myself to believe that “grown ups” don’t need one and “I always know where to find things” or  “I always know what is going on”. How wrong I was. I have found in this last week that so much more is getting done because I’m not consistently flying by the seat of my pants, waiting for the wind to blow me to my next task.  Living with purpose is resulting in my  having a calmer household, and a smoother running household.

There is so much going on in the world of Special Education in MI, so many of my meeting start back up this month so I will have updates as they come. Some of the updates you can look forward to:

  • Grosse Pointe PAC (Parents Advisory Committee)
  • Wayne County RESA
  • Wayne County ICC
  • PTO meetings
  • Plus life

So updates to come I just had to enjoy the holiday with my family. Hope you enjoyed yours.

Love and Blessings,



Hello and welcome to Beyond X and Y.

My name is Charmaine Fuller and I am the mom to three wonderful children and wife to one incredibly awesome husband.  Our two oldest children are both diagnosed with Autism, plus my oldest son currently has G6PD Deficiency and ADHD on top of his Autism diagnosis. So, that is the main reason is why my blog is called Beyond X and Y because I want to reach out to parents not just in the world of Autism but to parents in the special needs world in general.

The main purpose of my blog will be to provide a sneak peek into my life via daily happenings and also the many resources that I come across either via parent meetings, workshops or just through general reading.  I want parents of children of special needs to know that they are not alone in their journey and that they do have options in terms of their children’s health, wellness and education.

Just to give you some background on me, I’m just a mom, I don’t have a formal degree in anything, I don’t have any fancy certifications and I’m not an expert. No matter how much I learn I’ll never consider myself an expert because this world of special needs and different abilities is always changing.

Now, on to the reason why the blog is called Beyond X and Y, if you haven’t figured it out yet is because it will encompass all disabillies, genetic disorders and anything in between. As I find out about different things I’ll share, if there is interest I’ll share more. But mainly I will be sharing about Autism, ADHD, G6PD, Asthma, OCD, Immunological disorders and the like. I will also be sharing about, upcoming workshops, conferences and training and sharing information about advocating for your loved one and staying sane in this crazy world.

I hope you enjoy your time here and we learn from one another.

Until Next Time,