Mason Update

As of today Mr. Mason is 8 months old and very mobile. His crawling has gotten much better not as much scooting more crawling. He is HUGE with mommie and some daddie separaton anixety, he doesn’t like for us to leave him at all. He is very big into mimicking what everyone else is doing such as we’re eating food he has to eat food no bottle but utensils like everyone else. He has 3 teeth still emerging two top front teeth and 1 bottom front tooth. He has two other teeth breaking ground, the 2 right next to the two front teeth.

Mason enjoys back and forth play, he loves feeling included. He does not really like new people. He only uses his binkie now to get to sleep but once sleeping spits it out, Mason has to be at least 28 – 30 pounds by now as he is in a size 5 diaper. His favorite foods are smashed apples, bananas, peaches, pears, carrots, sweet potatoes, and baked potatoes.
Mason has figured out how to put himself to sleep, he love following his older brother around and interacting with him and he loves to let his sister spoil him. Mason does a lot of babbling and has pretty good hand eye coordination. He is a happy healthy baby. As of now he doesn’t have any vaccines and we plan to keep it that way as our religious beliefs don’t allow otherwise.
Well that’s all for now about Mr. Mason, there will be more to come.

What is Mason Doing

I figured since I am doing a blog for my other two children (who are currently Autistic) that I need to do one for Mason Edward Fuller who is currently 7 months 3 weeks old. I figured I would do this so that I can keep track as I barely remember anything from my other two kids early childhood as it goes so quickly. This won’t be as updated as the other two (that I update on a daily basis) but updated just the same
  • He is scooting/crawling
  • he can eat some finger foods,
  • he grabs for items like your hair, earrings,
  • he is very verbal,
  • he can repeat sounds that you make with him as well as repeat hand rythms
  • he can drink out of a cup
  • he eats fruits and vegatables
  • he has 2 upper teeth coming in and 1 lower tooth coming in that is visible
  • he’s trying to stand on his own
  • he can pull himself to standing with assistance
  • he can semi feed himself with a spoon
  • he can feed himself with a bottle
  • he’s very playful
  • he’s very present and aware of everything that is going on around him
  • he loves seeing his dad, brother, sister and me(mom)
That’s all for now, as he learns new things I’ll post as I feel with him new things are coming.