So, as many that have been following my blog for a while know that we have been toying around with the idea of homeschooling our three children, well once I looked at what I REALLY want to do I decided that Unschooling is really what I’m doing.  The Webster’s definition of unschooling is nothing the closet thing is unschooled which basically means stupid. Well I searched again and all that comes up is a barrage of craziness.  So I decided to come up with my own definition of Unschooling because for us the word homeschooling doesn’t totally fit.  

Unschooling: The process of totally stripping away the years of brainwashing your child has received from the public school system and the world. Unschooling = Unprogramming 

To me unschooling is beyond teaching your children about the love, grace and mercy of God, it is about teaching your kids “The Secret” it’s about teaching them, astrology, Feng Shui, meditation, music appreciation, art appreciation, REAL Black history and the list goes on. Unschooling is about teaching them that, “There is no spoon” (The Matrix) and that their possibilities are ENDLESS. I want to take them further than even I thought they could go.

Unschooling ~ The Fuller Way

As I sit here this getting my schedule together I realize that I am creating something new, something at least new to me.  That this curriculum will only work for my kids because that’s who it was built for.  I will incorporate a bit of traditional but also a lot of new age thinking, Montessori based learning and some Charmaineism thrown in for good measure.  I will allow my children to learn how they learn best, my daughter is a great reader and she loves to have dialogue to figure things out, my oldest song loves cooking and singing, my youngest son, well I haven’t totally figured him out yet, but what a better way to learn.

Their days will be filled with reading, doing and going not sitting.  They will be allowed to be who they uniquely are and no one else.

Unschooling ~ Social Interaction

The largest mis-conception fed to us from the mainstream educational system is that, “Children get plenty of social interaction in school” That couldn’t be further from the truth. Most schools do not foster a culture of dialogue, there are no groups, no discussions just a teacher and some light class participation.

Social interaction can be gotten from going to the grocery store, in a music class, in a group. This one I am still trying to figure out, so it is being developed like classes and places that I can take my children during the day to interact with others.

Unschooling ~ Religion

I believe homeschooling is too religious, that parents are taking their children from one set of “thou shalt and shalt nots” and throwing them into another.  Although, I do believe in God I am a spiritual being and believe that teaching my children how to think for themselves is more important than teaching them how to tightly follow a set of  rules, commandments and rituals.

Unschooling ~ The Results

So, I am looking for Montessori or Waldorf homeschooling groups to join, getting my materials together and learning how to teach the Montessori way.  I am determined to make my kids better and show them how to think versus how to test and memorize.

Well I’m off to do the hard part of creating my own curriculum..creating it! It was so much easier to have it in my head lol

Wishing you




The Fuller’s