What’s Today Again???


We LOVE Monday’s around here, actually we love all days of the week but who’s counting. Today was not a late start Monday at school but all the better for me because it allowed me to get so much done this afternoon .  I have one binder down for summer homeschooling and I have 2 more to go.  I set up face to face interviews with new nanny’s today, transferred all the posts from my Blogger blog to my WordPress blog for my businesses.  Today has been filled with fun.


So today’s supplements were Juice Plus, Acetyl L Carnitine, Serrapeptase and Min Chex.  The kids were very focused today, Marcus, Jr did very well listening and following directions in Starbucks this afternoon,  Jai Lynn did a great job following and understanding directions, Mason did a great job following directions also.  We topped tonight off with showers and melatonin for the older kids, teeth brushing and a story.   There is only two more weeks left of school and I’m excited.  Marcus, Jr has a speech evaluation  this Thursday but I’m not sure about this place I’ve not heard good things about it so we probably will be cancelling.

I don’t do homework, why because my kids have done enough at school. Now in saying that we do “home work” which is chores, kitchen math, we have conversations about any and everything and we spend time together.  I never got the concept of sending homework home,  other than the fact that it’s a cycle of punishment enacted on the parent by the schools. I mean really when you go to a “job” (which is what school is essentially) who brings work home from a “job” a career maybe, a job, no. You do you time and come home.



So how does it end for me? Well I have two more blogs to post to (Stampin’ &  Organizing with Charm and Charmed Profits) then it’s yoga, meditation and bed.  Tomorrow’s “to do” list is ready to go and so am I.  Autism is treatable, your children can be healed.  If you are willing to change your mindset and put in the work it can be done.  Our days are so full because we choose for them to be. We choose to focus on the great things our kids do, we choose to focus on the joy.

So Until Next Time

Peace, Love and Recovery

The Fullers


April 11, 2013 and beyond!

So I have been away for a few weeks it’s been a bit crazy around here.  I was preparing for my business open house for Thirty One and Stampin’ Up! and I was also preparing for my first day of class.  I’m huge on schedules around here so I had to re-configure my business and academic life into my schedule and I figured while I was at it I might as well add in the homeschooling schedule because summer will be here before I know it and so will fall.  I have decided to create my own curriculum as I am not enthused with the two internet based schools that I found, plus my gut is telling me that my kids will learn better with something completely tailored to them.  You might think me crazy but I enjoy having my children home with me.   So what you wonder has been going on in the Fuller world of Autism?

Let’s start with Jai Lynn Spring break was a great time for us we worked on multiplication, subtraction and general overall household chores.  We worked on and still are working on her not apologizing for everything.  Learning that when you make a mistake to apologize once but don’t continue doing it. Once is enough. She is doing 1 tsp of the Divine Child drink, Serrapeptase, castor oil wraps, clay bath acetyl l carnitine.

This summer we’re going to dig deep with reading comprehension. Although, she can read at a 6th grade level she can only comprehend at about a third, she retains about one quarter of what she reads. She is not very good at all at simple recall.  The main reason I’m thinking of pulling her is that  middle school is a completely different monster   Many more kids, classes just bigger and that is a lot.  She can’t even tell me clearly what went on at school that day.  And that concerns me that she doesn’t have simple recall skills.

Jai Lynn has come a long way in the department of self-care but she still has a ways to go.We are still learnin how to deal with emotions and not go from 0 -1000 in 30 seconds flat.  But progress is being made.  A gain for her was this morning we were running late mainly because she was playing aroud in her room versus getting dressed and eating her breakfast.  When we got in the car she asked where we late and I stated “yes” and she said I’m sorry for doddling (from little Bill it means being a slowpoke). Then today after a melt down she said mom I’m sorry for yelling.  When she has meltdowns (which isn’t too often) she’ll often make negative statements like “I’m such a fool, I’m stupid, I’m a loser” so I’ve been taking those times to pump her with positive affirmations, we have also been doing positive affirmations before she gets out of the car.

Marcus, Jr has been doing well. Spring Break was a great , no seizures.  He worked on math and reading fluency. Same supplements as Jai Lynn including Min-Chex.

Some gains that he is making is in his cognitive ability.  We just started Luminosity which is a brain training website, you get some games for free the rest along with some other tools are available with the subscription, we will be getting the subscription by the way for both kids because they both need it.

This week so far he has had four seizures (three yesterday, one today) a bout of bad gas, and grinding his teeth.  The new Divine Child drink has tamarind in it to detox them from fluoride poisoning (yes the stuff in our water and toothpaste that they said would help is poisoning us and our children) and it also has kelp which is a great source of iodine.

Today he had a castor oil wrap and clay bath and is doing much better. It appears to me that he is detoxing from the new divine child drink and that we should see more gains. He has been very alert all day, although alert his focus has been a bit off today which it normally is after a seizure.  This seizure was different than anyone one I have seen. Then I started to think, maybe it is because I never truly observed his seizures my “fight or flight” went into play and my main concern was getting him someplace safe. But it appears that he is having General Tonic-Clonic Seizures.  So now that I have a pretty good idea that it’s not absence seizures I can move forward (which is why we are using Luminosity). Something he did last night that made me keep the faith is, when his curtain fell I asked him where was the piece that went to it. I heard it drop on the floor but didn’t see it where I thought it would be.  After I finished attaching the curtain he tapped me on the shoulder and pointed directly to the piece! So super proud of him.


Mason is growing by leaps and bounds and his language is doing great he can say mamma, daddy, bro bro,sissy, GiGi(that’s my mom) and trying to teach him PaPa. He knows who each of the people are, and he can identify and say his (and yours) nose, ears, mouth, head,teeth, and other body parts. Whenever someone doesn’t give him his way he says their name the says a bunch of baby talk in the middle then the name of whoever he’s reporting to so for example Daddy insert baby talk here Sissy.  So that would mean he’s telling on his sister lol.  He knows how to ask for food items that he wants and can read facial expressions like the guy from the show “Lie To Me” (If you haven’t seen it look it up). We are learning shapes, numbers, colors, counting and alphabet.


So as you see we are super busy here but I love it.  We have some exciting events coming up in the near future that I will report on and so much growth on the horizon.

Until Next Time,

Wishing you Blessings & Recovery,


*side note I was just elected as an at-large delegate to the Michigan Special Education Advisory Committee State Advisory Panel!

Kid Update 5-2-13

So a lot has been going on with the kids lets start with Marcus Jr first:

Last week Marcus, Jr. had 3 seizures on Thursday, 4 on Friday and one on Saturday, since the seizures here is what has been going on.  His tolerance has increased. What I mean by this is that when we re-directed him he doesn’t meltdown for 5-10 minutes crying, screaming and throwing  himself from wall to wall.  For the past few days when redirected, he whines for a bit, grabs your hand looks in your face (so you can see he does’t like it) and then moves on once you acknowledge him. This morning when I got downstairs Marcus decided he wanted to watch T.V. before putting on his clothes and when I asked him to turn off the T.V. he did, he whined a bit and then went to put his clothes on and once his clothes were on he went about playing around upstairs before breakfast as normal.  Last night, I didn’t have to stand over him to get it done, I went into the kitchen to cook and when I remembered that I had sat him down to do his homework he was done!  His teacher and the classroom aide, also have noticed this new trend in class, stating that he doesn’t need to be continuously prompted to do work and that he just does it. they have also noted that  when redirected he is not upset for long.  So that is a huge plus.


Jai Lynn this past week spent her first go round in detention.  On Friday she didn’t go to school because Marcus was sleeping after a seizure and I didn’t want to wake him.  So she stayed home and she is ALWAYS OK with staying  home from school unless they are either doing something fun at school or going on a field trip.  So she goes to school on Monday and discovers that on the Friday she so gladly missed they had something special.  In her anger of  missing that perceived treat she dropped the “F” bomb (and I don’t mean forgiveness  and punched a young man that was standing next to her.  So when her teacher contacted me on Tuesday about what happened she asked me what did I want to do because no one had sent her to the office or even reprimanded her, but they did talk to her about it being bad. So I asked what would they have done with a neurotypical child and she informed me sent them to the office.  So I said send her to the office so that she could see the process of what happens after you hit someone who hasn’t done anything to you. So, Jai Lynn was sent to the office and received detention on Wednesday after school.  She and I had a conversation that she was not a bad person but a good person that made a bad choice and that we all make bad choices at times, but we have to ask for forgiveness and forgive ourselves and keep it moving and she got that. She also got that detention was the consequence for hitting someone when they had done nothing to you, she got that you don’t cuss in school, how do I know because when she came home on Wednesday after detention she stated “I don’t ever want to go to detention again, it’s too much work, no more hitting” lol I almost fell outta my chair.  We are working on some other pieces with her such as, bathroom etiquette, not spazing out when someone isn’t doing something according to the rules, teaching her the fine balance of being concerned about her own space and what she is doing and not always feeling the need to report everything that everyone else is doing.

This summer with both kids we will be working on social pieces as well as some academics.  Unschooling over the summer will be intense yet it will be fun.

Mason, smh is a typical two year old. I take my hats off to parents that have a house full of neurotypical kids.  You know sometimes in our world of different abilities we seem to think that parent of neurotypical children have it SOOO much easier, when they don’t. They face the same challenges that we do just in different ways, they have the same cares and concerns for their children as we do and they love their children just as much.  We in the different abilities community must stop with the stereotype that neurotypical parents don’t care about their children as much, and don’t have to do as much work as we do.  We must stop thinking that our brand of parenting gives us a special right to judge.  The reason why many of us are feel isolated is because we think we’re different, and we are all different and quirky in some way but not so different that we can’t connect with another parent because we don’t think they’ll get us. We’re all parents! I’m not saying not to have a support group of like-minded parents that are in a similar situation as you but don’t totally exclude those that are not like you either.

Wishing you Health and Wellness




What’s Going On? 3/15/13

So, we are back on the protocol, kinda. This week has been a week of catch up for me still muddled with things I’ve obliged myself to. I honestly need to learn the lesson not to volunteer for anything during the week and during the day.  I don’t know what possessed me to volunteer to RUN the school book fair.  But, that’s neither here or there on to my beautiful wonderful kids.

This week has been challenging for my two older kids and the two year old is just progressing along.

Jai Lynn:

Just about everyday for the past week, Jai Lynn has been saying she doesn’t want to go to school. That it’s too noisy, too crowded and too big.  I first made sure that she wasn’t being bullied then I went into action. So we are having her leave a bit early from her classes before everyone else to lessen some of that hallway anxiety.  She’s been doing a great job with her work.  On her MI ACCESS test (a stupid test they give every year) she has improved greatly from last year she is almost at level in math and surpassed in reading.  We are still working on comprehension because although she can read at a sixth grade level, she can only comprehend at about a third grade level.  So I am working on tools that we can use for the reminder of the school year and summer to get it together for her and close the gap.

I’m not even going to say what supplements she took this week because I’m still not on track and some days we did everything we had and other days she did not. If she wasn’t in the supplement line in the am she missed out.  I am very short on time in the morning and don’t have time to track a kid down to take a supplement.  Once I get back into my “groove” it will get easier.


Marcus, Jr:

He has had a pretty good week. Teacher said he has been doing great on his work and that he can now count money up to $2.00 using coins.  He has had 2 seizures this week, both were at school, the first was on Tuesday and  he had to come home because I didn’t send in his usual jogging pants that he likes to wear after his seizures I sent in jeans. So that made him very upset and he had to come home.  Also, on that day he was still having nasal drainage and  some coughing.  So I brought him home, put him in his jammies and let him relax.  He had another seizure today, I took in the jogging pants so he stayed at school and had a pretty good day afterwards.  When he got home I noticed that his eyes are a bit red and that the tips of his ears are red and warm. The eyes are a sign of detox the ears are a sign of some sort of allergic reaction so he had some stuff going on.

Today in the grocery store he was very easily re-directed, when he started to get less focused he came back to me to hold my hand, he helped me out in the store (I do that to keep him busy and keep him from becoming  so distracted) and he listened so well.  I had to put this in writing so on a tough Autism/ADHD day I could come back to this post and see how far he has come and I could remember how great he is as a kid and how much potential he has.

Same supplement story for him.

Now today I did start the castor oil wraps back up for both and the coconut keifer.  I don’t know what I did to my milk keifer because it’s gummy, I think when it really warmed up for those few days last week it threw it off a bit. That change in temp messed with my keifer production. But we will get that back on track.  I have not started my kombucha yet hoping to start it this upcoming week.

I am learning to not beat myself up when I can’t follow the protocol like I should.  I do what I can when I can and I keep it moving.  The Divine Child drink has a new ingredient in it Tamarid and it helps detox the body from fluoride poisoning.  I have also taken out the toothpaste with fluoride, next is our water.

When you are battling Autism, Epilepsy, G6PD, or whatever your loved one faces, remember you are only human, and sometimes your going to miss giving a supplement or medication, everything is not going to be on schedule no matter how well you pencil it in.  Be OK with not being perfect, be OK with being tired, be OK with just wanting to enjoy your kids where they are sometimes.

Always try and find the good in your child, it’s there.  I’ve shifted my thinking for my sons, instead of saying, “he’s so bad” or “he’s never focused” or “he’s just a mess to “my God boy you are super curious, let’s help you discover” I’m learning to help them discover a world that they have never known.  It keep me from going mad and it keeps them wanting to learn and happy.  I work on my son’s a lot because they are the most work.  Even though the two year old isn’t Autistic or anything else he is still a handful.  Funny but sometimes it seems as if he and my older son are at the same level mentally so it’s often like having a two year old and maybe a 5 or 6 year old double teaming me. My daughter is “cool in the breeze” our largest struggle with her right now is, handling her emotions and keeping her cool.

The kids haven’t meditated or done yoga in a while so we have to get back on it soon, I think a lot of our issues stem from them not having that inner peace on lock.

Well, that is all that is going on with my family.  I’ll be starting classes soon along with running a business and a household. I’m learning to shift my thinking and get somethings together. I’ll do a me blog post later.

But kids are doing OK, we’re not where we would like to be but we’re sure as heck not where we where and that my friends is a great thing.  Looking forward to more gains with all three kids and looking forward to sharing our victories and defeats with you all.

Until next time

Wishing you Health, Wellness and Recovery,


Seizures Make Me Sick

My oldest son (9 years old today) Marcus Jr just spent a whopping 3 days in the Henry Ford Epilepsy Monitoring Unit being observed to perhaps see why he even has seizures, and for three days…nothing. So fast forward to this week, for the past couple of days Marcus Jr has looked a bit under the weather. Now, I’m not sure if it is the Divine Child drink that we’ve started back on (I’ll come back to that in a moment) or if it is something else. But, it seems that whenever is body is dealing with something internally, the reaction always seems to be a seizure. This weekend he had two, he had one at a friends house and he had another at church. Well I am just baffled because we had been without a seizure since right after Thanksgiving and his last hospital visit courtesy of G6PD.

At this point I am sick and tired of seizures and I wish they would just go away and leave my baby alone.

We have had a meniguire of tests: EEG’s, CAT Scans, test to see if he was allergic to any foods, gluten, fruits and vegetables, nothing. Nothing has become of all of these tests, thank God teachers and others have seen him have these episodes or his neurologist might peg me as a crazy mom.

I just want my baby to be healthy, I don’t want to have worry about if he’s OK, if he will fall and hurt himself, if a seizure will kill him. I try my best to let him live, let him experience all that life has to offer but man is it hard.

I pray that this is a phase and that he will grow out of it. I try to reduce stressors, always keep his surroundings, positive and upbeat and make sure he gets plenty to eat and plenty of rest.  I make sure he gets his seizure meds and makes sure his body is supplemented with what it is lacking.

Marcus, Jr’s seizures started off very mild, they would be periods of staring, face losing color quick 30-45 seconds very quick. Then they morphed into these super seizures of sorts, where 4-6 times a day he would have these episodes of stopping, staring, some tremours, drooling, losing color, rapid heart beat, trouble swallowing.  During all of those episodes he was always responsive but something has changed, not sure what it is but the last few seizures he has not be responsive, he has not popped out of them as quickly as in the past.  So back to square one and journaling his every bite, every supplement and every activity.

I wish I had a crystal ball to tell me what to do, I wish God would just pick me up and lead me in the right direction to make my baby better. I hate that kids have to get ill and that we as parents have to watch. I used to think that it was some sort of cruel joke being played on me by the universe but I now see it as an opportunity for me teach myself and others patience, kindness and love. My son’s ailments are not a curse, they are lessons.

I pray for a cure for epilepsy for all. I pray for a cure for my son, I don’t care about my epilepsy as I have learned to deal with it and it is controlled by medication. But, for him I want a cure for the autism and epilepsy they are issues that a 9 year old just shouldnt have to deal with.

So for now I document and pray that something will give and that his recovery is coming soon.

If your child is dealing with epilepsy what type of seizures, what medications and or natural treatments and how do you help your child cope?

Love and Blessings


October 2, 2011

Hello all,

Today was pretty non eventful. Jai Lynn woke up with a mucus eye again. This time I didn’t charge my cell phone so it wouldn’t take a picture 😦 But she had mucus just the same. Marcus, Jr. must have had a seizure prior to us getting him up because his bed was wet and his lips where a bit discolored when I woke him up. When I woke him up I asked him how he was doing and he replied “I’m fine” which is huge because he did it unprompted. I then told dad what he said and dad asked him the same question and he replied the same. The rest of the morning he was running and playing with his younger brother.
We went to get bagels this morning for breakfast and Marcus was very playful. Today there was a bit more scripting than usual but just about all of it applied to whatever he was doing.
Today both kids had a clay bath with activated charcoal after. The other supplements done today was NADH, Omega 3-6-9, Vitamin d3, Keifer, Acetyl L.Carnitine, Zeolite by Jai Lynn and Acetyl L. Carnitine , Zeolite, NADH by Marcus.
There where no more seizures today just the one that he had prior to us getting him out of his room.
We had all the kids in our room prior to breakfast and Marcus was having a great time, he was learning how to play with certain toys with daddy (they were battling with toy monsters) and that was huge that he was even willing to learn and participate. Marcus was “wrestling” appropriately with his younger brother and dad asked him did he love his brother and he said “yes”.
Both kids did homework today, Jai Lynn took her spelling packet and completed two pages on her own. Marcus completed his spelling packet from last week and completed three pages of math from the Fast Kids Math book that I have. Jai Lynn needed minimal prompting only when Marcus was annoying her but she was able to complete her pages with classical music playing.
Marcus needed lots of prompting and focus help, he did a lot of tapping of his pencil, a lot of singing and looking around the room. It was difficult at times to refocus him but once refocused he worked on his math and spelling.
Today while Jai Lynn and daddy where in the family room my husband gave her a air kiss on her check and she replied, “you love me daddy.” She also seemed to be getting better with asking questions and starting a conversation. Jai Lynn also changed the dates and month on the large calendar in the dining room and added all the dates that where important for the month. She counted down the day until Halloween (thus ending the Halloween conversation because now she has a visual).
Both kids had a pretty good day and we are looking forward to the great things to come.
We wish you Blessings and Recovery,
The Fuller’s
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