Updates 6/1/13


So, we just started Juice Plus again with Marcus and I split my dosage with Jai Lynn.  Marcus had been seizure free for about 2 weeks then they started up again on Wednesday of this week, he seems to be a bit under the weather but in great spirits. The seizures never last long and his recovery time is normal.

Autism Updates ~ This Week’s Treatments

So these past few week have been very minimal, the Divine Child Drink. That’s it, I have to get more clay but we did a castor oil wrap today and will do an epsom salt bath tomorrow as that is also a way to detox.  We haven’t been up to much.


Autism Updates ~ Kid Updates

Marcus Jr – He has be more communicative, he has been more focused and he has been more helpful.  He has been answering more questions almost having conversations! We have been able to have mini conversations with him if we are asking the questions.

Jai Lynn – Has been a bit more focused and has had the ability to control her emotions a bit better.  She has been communicating more also.

Mason- Has been talking and requesting more and has understanding what is being requested of him. He can count to 5 with assistance.


Autism Updates ~ The Future

My kids are healing more and more everyday.  Parents if your child has a different ability don’t allow anyone to tell you what they Can’t do or will NEVER be able to do.  You know your baby .

Until next time

Peace Love and Healing




New Updates 4-27-2013

This week has been a super crazy week for us.  My son’s school was on lockdown for the second time this year (http://www.mlive.com/news/detroit/index.ssf/2013/04/gunfire_in_harper_woods_leads.html) and he had seizures this week, 3 on Thursday, 4 on Friday and 2 today.  They appear to be tonic-clonic seizures(http://www.epilepsyfoundation.org/livingwithepilepsy/parentsandcaregivers/parents/infants/tonicclonic.cfm)

Which is more information than what the neurologist has ever given me.  If that is the case then the medication that he is on is not going to help (not like it really was anyway). So I’m looking into some natural methods to help him.  Other than the seizures he has been doing quite well but he we have a lot of work that we will be doing over the summer.

Jai Lynn has been doing……great as far as being able to verbalize and converse with us.  Today was very memorable.  She has a difficult time regulating her voice and she is not good with inflections and all that human stuff that we do.  She doesn’t get that smacking her lips or moaning are inappropriate behavior. Long story short, she got very upset  tonight because she was redirected by dad and it wasn’t “nice”. So, she begun to cry. So I seperated them (not literally  and I went into her room and we talked.  I gave her re-affirming statements to repeat, “I am beautiful, I am smart, I am loved” then I had her to tell me two things that she was thankful for today and she said that I made sandwiches and that she had a chocolate covered strawberries.  And that got her to smile, telling me what she’s thankful for always gets her to smile.  Once she calmed down she and dad made up and all was right with the world.  After dad left the room she and I talked for a minute.

She said “I have to worry about myself mom” and I told her yes that that her brothers where not her responsibility to care for and that she didn’t need to feel the need to always be concerned about what they did or didn’t do because mom or dad would always find out. Plus, she was a great big sister that loved and cared for her brothers and that she is doing a great job.

This summer with her I think social awareness skills and self-esteem are going to be on the top for learning this summer for her.

This is why I am homeschooling next year because although she’s learning academics (loosely) the social piece is…somewhat lacking.  She mainly has issues with self esteem and some depression.  I take ownership in some of the mental struggles that shes having, because I was having them also and I am working on them now.  So as I build myself up I build her up.  I want her to learn lessons now and not take 30 some odd years to get it.  That is way I am thankful that I am on this journey, I was meant to go on it now.  I’m happy that she and I are doing it together because it gives me the opportunity to be a true example.

So that is what is going on with us as of late.  I’m getting my cards ready for Mother’s Day and Graduation’s, I have vendor shows coming up so I am a very busy girl.

Until next time


Quick Update

So this is a quick update on how the kids are doing:

Marcus Jr had a doctors appointment today and when he got his blood pressure taken he sat still. NEVER NEVER EVER EVER has he done that. My husband said that he sat still while he cut his hair! He did a lot of his homework without me having to prompt him to move on.  Despite the seizure this morning he had a great day.

Jai Lynn did her homework without prompting, meaning I didn’t have to ask her if she had any and what she had.  She came to me and asked me to sign her assignment book and the assignment that she completed.  I asked her some Who, What When questions she nailed them. She nailed  who the main characters where and she got the supporting characters.

Mason knew the color blue when asked and he did a good job sharing at play group today and  waiting his turn.

Today was a great day for the kids

Love and Blessings


Week One Updates

So we have been going strong for a week with Dakhari’s Protocol.  The only elements missing are the ever important probiotics but we have been doing well.  I have been doing probiotics via smoothies using greek yogurt but we don’t have keifer, raw sauerkraut,  kombucha or coconut keifer at this time will be getting some things together so we can make our own but we don’t have any left.

So for the past week we have been doing the following:

  • MRM Attention Gels – up to twice a day during school week up to three times during weekends
  • Min Chex – up to twice a day during school week up to three times a day during weekends 30 minutes before each meal
  • NADH – on Monday, Wednesday and Friday 30 minutes prior to eating
  • Divine Child Drink -1 Tablespoon every day (baby gets 1/4 tsp.)
  • Activated Charcoal – 1 capsule 1-2 times per day
  • Methyl B-12 – 1 tablet per day
  • Vitamin D3 – 3,000 i.u. per day
  • Chelated Molybdenum – 1 tablet per day
  • Niacinamide – 1 tablet per day
  • Serrapeptase – 2 capsules per day during the weekends only (Friday – Sunday)
  • Acetyl L Carnitine – 1 capsule per day
  • Castor Oil Wrap – we did one today and will do another tomorrow since they are out of school
  • Zeolite- 1 tablespoon each night
  • Epsom Salt bath – Marcus had one on Wednesday with 2 cups of Epsom Salt and both kids had one today with 1 cup of Epsom Salt after their Castor Oil Wrap
  • Clay Bath – I gave Clay Baths last Saturday they will receive one tomorrow
  • Melatonion – 1 1mg tablet 30 minutes prior to bedtime
  • For Marcus only – Vimpat 12 mL 2x per day

So some of the gains we have seen this week:

Jai Lynn:

  • Decreased emotional outbursts
  • Increased understanding of what is being told to her
  • It seems as if her memory has gotten better

This week I will begin to track her academic and social progress.  Going to try and get her involved in some youth activities at church and try to find out more on the girls in her class. Will be adjusting the working binder tomorrow (now that I have ink in my printer) with checklists so I can graph out how she’s progressing.

Marcus, Jr.:

  • He is responding appropriately to questions asked of him
  • He seems to have a greater understanding if what is going on

Although, getting him to sit through a meal is still a challenge he will still sit.  On Saturday dad asked him where my computer mouse was, Marcus, Jr said, “Right there” and reached behind some paper and handed it to me.  I then told him thank you and he said you’re welcome.  In church today they had an assignment where they had to write who or what they where thankful for and here is Marcus, Jr’s reply, the teacher said he did it himself! It has been two weeks and 4 days since his last seizure, I think this is the longest time, he has a neurology appointment this week so we have to get some test results and see what our next course of action is.  He has been a bit more edgy at times it seems only when he is trying to communicate something otherwise he has been very happy as usual.


This week we will be tracking his attention, focus, hyper activity, academic progress, and social skills.


This has been a tantrum week this week as everything no causes him to fall on the floor and cry.  We have been reading with him this week and he follows along with his finger and tries to repeat the words you say as you read.  He has been trying to have conversation (at least in his mind) and we are still working on not eating pens, markers or drawing on walls.  We started potty training (kind of) on Friday, he was happy to be in underware but continued to squat.  Because I haven’t potty trained anyone in a while I will need to read up on it 🙂

Coming up in the next month or so we will be trying some new supplements that I have discovered at a Wellness Retreat held by the church we attend. There will be a blog on all of the great resources from that retreat tomorrow.

Love and Blessings



Seizures Make Me Sick

My oldest son (9 years old today) Marcus Jr just spent a whopping 3 days in the Henry Ford Epilepsy Monitoring Unit being observed to perhaps see why he even has seizures, and for three days…nothing. So fast forward to this week, for the past couple of days Marcus Jr has looked a bit under the weather. Now, I’m not sure if it is the Divine Child drink that we’ve started back on (I’ll come back to that in a moment) or if it is something else. But, it seems that whenever is body is dealing with something internally, the reaction always seems to be a seizure. This weekend he had two, he had one at a friends house and he had another at church. Well I am just baffled because we had been without a seizure since right after Thanksgiving and his last hospital visit courtesy of G6PD.

At this point I am sick and tired of seizures and I wish they would just go away and leave my baby alone.

We have had a meniguire of tests: EEG’s, CAT Scans, test to see if he was allergic to any foods, gluten, fruits and vegetables, nothing. Nothing has become of all of these tests, thank God teachers and others have seen him have these episodes or his neurologist might peg me as a crazy mom.

I just want my baby to be healthy, I don’t want to have worry about if he’s OK, if he will fall and hurt himself, if a seizure will kill him. I try my best to let him live, let him experience all that life has to offer but man is it hard.

I pray that this is a phase and that he will grow out of it. I try to reduce stressors, always keep his surroundings, positive and upbeat and make sure he gets plenty to eat and plenty of rest.  I make sure he gets his seizure meds and makes sure his body is supplemented with what it is lacking.

Marcus, Jr’s seizures started off very mild, they would be periods of staring, face losing color quick 30-45 seconds very quick. Then they morphed into these super seizures of sorts, where 4-6 times a day he would have these episodes of stopping, staring, some tremours, drooling, losing color, rapid heart beat, trouble swallowing.  During all of those episodes he was always responsive but something has changed, not sure what it is but the last few seizures he has not be responsive, he has not popped out of them as quickly as in the past.  So back to square one and journaling his every bite, every supplement and every activity.

I wish I had a crystal ball to tell me what to do, I wish God would just pick me up and lead me in the right direction to make my baby better. I hate that kids have to get ill and that we as parents have to watch. I used to think that it was some sort of cruel joke being played on me by the universe but I now see it as an opportunity for me teach myself and others patience, kindness and love. My son’s ailments are not a curse, they are lessons.

I pray for a cure for epilepsy for all. I pray for a cure for my son, I don’t care about my epilepsy as I have learned to deal with it and it is controlled by medication. But, for him I want a cure for the autism and epilepsy they are issues that a 9 year old just shouldnt have to deal with.

So for now I document and pray that something will give and that his recovery is coming soon.

If your child is dealing with epilepsy what type of seizures, what medications and or natural treatments and how do you help your child cope?

Love and Blessings